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The Same Pizza Oven Chef Brad Uses At Home and in His Classes

Pizza Night With
Chef Brad

3 pizzas in Chef Brads Maximus Prime pizza oven
3 pizzas in Chef Brads outdoor pizza oven
Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime

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Chef Brad has been using a pizza oven for years. Making pizzas is one of his favorite ways to entertain guests!

When it was time to upgrade, why did he pick the Maximus Prime by Authentic Pizza Ovens?

  • It's BIG!  You can easily cook 2 pizzas at a time - 3 if you really wanted to!
  • It's versatile!  The Maximus Prime is not just for Pizza.  Chef Brad likes to cook all kinds of foods and breads in his "pizza" oven.
  • It holds heat so well!  After he's finished making pizza, Chef Brad may leave a dutch oven roast in the Maximus Prime overnight.  It is cooked to perfection just using residual heat!
  • The Maximus Prime is affordable!  Such a great value for a Pizza Oven!
  • It's portable!  Chef Brad has the (optional) rolling cart for the Maximus Prime so he can move it around his backyard to fit the need of any event.  He can even take it on the road when needed.

This oven is a perfect pick for pizza lovers that crave that wood-fired taste and love hosting pizza parties!

If you are looking for some beautiful pizza ovens that would look great in your backyard and be the center of attention during a get-together then you want the Maximus Prime.

This is a modern wood-fired pizza oven that heats up in only 30-45 minutes, and pizzas will cook to perfection in less than 3 minutes.  Not to mention the list of other dishes to be made in this oven are endless.  In fact, the Maximus Prime comes with a 10x14 inch ceramic baking pan to help you broaden your cooking options.

The outer wall is Aluminum and the inner wall is Stainless Steel creating a double wall containing a high temperature special ceramic blanket inside. The floor is made with refractory floor tiles, decorative facade bricks are composed of refractory cement (Lafarge) and the inside structure forged iron.

Stays hot for hours inside while cool outside!

Technical Feedback

  • 38.5″ W x 30.3″ H x 39" D OUTSIDE
  • 35.4" W x 35.4" D INSIDE
  • 20" W x 11" H Door
  • Cooking Height: 12.5" from floor to upper false ceiling
  • Overall Product Weight: 300lbs
  • Chimney Diameter: 5.9″ & 100% Stainless Steel

In the box

  • Round Pizza Peel retractable 12″
  • Stainless Steel Chimney with Flue and Cap
  • Ceramic Baking Pan (10″ x 14.5″ x 3″)
  • Thermometer (0-500c)
  • Ashes/Wood Holder
  • Two Extra Floor Tiles

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