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Top Portable Pizza Ovens

Amazing Pizza. At Home. Anywhere.

Step 2: Pick Your Portable Pizza Oven

The Ooni Pro is the king of portable pizza ovens.

Out of the Box: Ooni Pro can cook with wood and/or charcoal.  There are optional modules for cooking with propane or wood pellets. 

The Ooni Pro is the largest of our multi-fueled portable pizza ovens with a 17.7 x 17.7 inch cooking surface. I find the extra large surface makes it super comfortable and easy to cook pizzas.  It also is the best at cooking with large cast iron pans or skillets to make my favorite sides and desserts (like apple crisp or cobbler).

When you add the optional propane gas burner, this is a pizza party machine!

Pros: , Affordable, heats up quickly, cook with wood or gas, great barbecue grill replacement

Cons: Not as portable and costs more than other portable pizza ovens (but you'll be glad you did).

Cook with wood and propane at the same time!

Other multi-fueled pizza ovens let you cook with wood OR propane.  The Napoli Bertello Portable Pizza Oven is the only outdoor oven in its class that lets you cook with both wood and propane at the same time. 

Out of the Box: The Napoli Bertello outdoor pizza oven includes a wood burning tray that lets you cook with wood, charcoal, and/or wood pellets. With the optional propane gas burner module and wood burner tray for the gas burner (both sold separately),

I love cooking with propane because it is so easy!  It takes no effort to start the over and get it up to heat.  I also can cook pizza after pizza without adding any fuel to get the temperature back up to proper cooking levels.  You still get most of the flavor that comes with cooking a pizza at 900 degrees, but you do lose that little, extra wood-fired pizza flavor.

That's why the Wood Burner for the Gas Burner is a game changer!  You slide it over the gas burner and light it up.  Let the propane get the heat up near cooking temperatures and then add wood chips.  The gas flame will light the wood chips on fire and keep them smoking.  I epecially like using apple or cherry because they smell and taste so good!

Pros: Wood and propane cooking at the same time, affordable value, small enough to take anywhere.

Cons: Small 12.5 x 13.5 inch cooking surface, gas burner is a little bulky.

Ooni Koda is the most portable pizza oven.

Out of the Box: The Ooni Koda is out of the box and ready to fire-up within minutes!

The Koda cooks with propane only - no option for other fuels.  It produces a wall of flame that comes up evenly from the back of the oven, giving your pizza oven consistent heat across the oven.

The cover for the Ooni Koda has handles so it doubles as a carrier bag.  It is compact and light weight, making it the most portable of our pizza ovens.  If you are looking for a pizza oven to often use away from home, this may be the best one for you.  

Pros: Most portable, wall of flame gas burner, and very affordable.

Cons: Small 13.25 x 13.25 inch cooking surface and propane only.

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