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How to be a Pizza Hero

Have you ever had a pizza craving?  I mean the kind of craving where there is nothing you want more than a good slice of pizza - or in my case - 6 or 7 slices?  That is exactly when you need a Pizza Hero!

What is a Pizza Hero?

A Pizza Hero is somebody who shows up at the right place at the right time with a pizza and a smile. A Pizza Hero turns a normal meal into a memorable experience that makes people want to keep coming back!

On of my daughters, who would kill me if I named her by name, has a pizza hero.  This daughter works on her school's yearbook and every time the yearbook rep comes in to help them, she brings pizza.  On those days, there is nothing that could stop her from going to school.  She could have a fever of 102 and act like she's just fine - just to get her fix on pizza.  I guess there's just something special about eating free pizza at school that is just for you - that's exclusive - that not everyone else gets to enjoy.  That woman is my daughter's pizza hero.

If you want to be a Pizza Hero, your pizza has to be a part of an experience. A Pizza Hero combines the social experience with good pizza.  One of the best ways to do this is with a portable pizza oven from Yardity!

Eating is a social event. A portable pizza oven, like the Ooni Koda or Maximus Arena by Authentic Pizza Ovens, makes it easy to gather around a pizza together with friends and loved ones for just about any occasion.  Shoot, I've just been making up reasons lately to make a pizza with my kids! Making a restaurant style pizza in your own oven gives you great taste - in the environment of your choosing. And it gives you a more intimate experience in which to build memories and relationships. 

Imagine yourself gathering with friends and family - creating and sharing your own pizza masterpieces. Years down the road, you may not remember the conversation, or even the pizza, but you'll remember the experience!

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Our portable pizza ovens require no electricity and can run on a variety of fuel options. Some of them are traditional wood fired ovens, while others run on wood pellets, charcoal and/or gas burner options.

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