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Pizza Hero Challenge

What is a Pizza Hero?

A Pizza Hero is somebody who shows up at the right place at the right time with a pizza oven and a smile. A Pizza Hero turns a normal meal into a memorable experience that will be cherished for a lifetime!

The easiest way to be a Pizza Hero is with a portable pizza oven from Yardity!

Eating is a social event. A portable pizza oven from Yardity can help you get together with friends and loved ones for many occasions. Making a restaurant style pizza in your own oven gives you great taste - in the environment of your choosing. This gives you a more intimate experience in which to build memories and relationships.

Imagine yourself gathering with friends and family - creating and sharing your own pizza masterpieces. Years down the road, you may not remember the conversation, but you'll remember the experience!

With a portable pizza oven from Yardity, you can bring the pizza party with you – anywhere you go. Sign up for our newsletter for fresh ideas on how to be a Pizza Hero for Date Nights, Family Nights, The Big Game, Picnics, Birthday Parties, and so much more!

Our portable pizza ovens require no electricity and can run on a variety of fuel options. Some of them are traditional wood fired ovens, while others run on wood pellets, charcoal and/or gas burner options.

So, step up!  Take the Challenge! Be a Pizza Hero!